My hobby is the sport of curling. My husband and I joined a group of volunteers to teach people how to curl last night. I was working with a group of 6 out of the 18 people who came to learn. They were great and we got them on the ice and curling a short game by the end of the evening.
After curling we always “stack the brooms.” That means that the winning team buys the 2nd place team a drink. We socialize and get to know each other.
While stacking the brooms, I found out that one of the gentleman was here visiting his friends in Ohio. He is from Ohio and is currently living in Oregon. He is a doctor.
After I said that I’m from Oregon, I mentioned that I have started a group raising awareness about Oregon’s Death with Dignity law and working toward legislation in Ohio.
He said, “That’s amazing!” It turns out that he has been the co-signing doctor for two of his patients who have used Oregon’s law. He had specifically asked one of his patients if he could share his story. The patient said yes, please do. Please stay tuned, I will be in touch with him so that I can share more of their story.
Since the rest of the group were medical professionals, I got the opportunity to hold an impromptu educational session. The doctor thanked me and our group at Ohio End of Life Options for the work we are doing. And I thanked him for talking with his patients and learning about their reasons for wanting to use Oregon’s law before participating.
What are the chances of that encounter? I encourage you to express your support for Death with Dignity laws. You will be amazed at the conversations that follow.
Share your encounters in the comments section of our Facebook Page, @OhioEndofLifeOptions, or send an email to to share your stories.
Lisa Vigil Schattinger
P.S. Sorry for the old, grainy photo. It’s the best I’ve got!

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