Ohio End of Life Options understands that everyone has unique experiences with death. It’s these experiences that color how people move forward in planning for their own deaths. Unfortunately, those who’ve experienced the painful and lingering death of a relative or loved one, carry that suffering with them through life.

Planning for a good death

Even though no one knows how he or she will die, Ohio End of Life Options believes that by planning for a good, dignified death, one is able to lead a good, responsible life. In order to plan for a good death, one needs to understand and talk about his or her options, which are limited in Ohio.

Ohio End of Life Options encourages Ohioans to plan ahead using all available options. From advanced directives and naming a healthcare proxy through estate and funeral planning, taking control early in life and communicating wishes to loved ones is important.

Palliative care and hospice

When learning of a terminal diagnosis, palliative care, as provided in the case of life ending illness through hospice groups, is another vital option. It provides comfort and care for Ohioans facing terminal illnesses. It’s also extremely valuable to one’s loved ones and support system.

Death with dignity

In addition to all of these important means of taking control, Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, first enacted in 1998, provides an additional option with proven safeguards. Many Ohioans feel that it is a human right to decide where, when and with whom they will die when faced with a terminal illness and 6 months or less to live. Mentally capable, adult Ohioans have made responsible decisions throughout their lives, this should not change when they are dying. In the face of a terminal illness, all Ohioans who are mentally capable should be able to make decisions about how their lives end as well. They should have a legal option.

Ultimately, Ohio End of Life Options believes that Ohioans deserve the right to peace, dignity and control with their end of life decisions. Ohio End of Life Options advocates for another option through legislation; a law based on Death with Dignity.

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