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Advanced Planning with Mom

By Lisa Vigil Schattinger, MSN, RN
December 14, 2016

The day before Thanksgiving, my mother and I were in the small room that serves as her office. Vibrant reminders of friends and family who’ve died surrounded us. There were also mementos from her trips afar, as well as things that she loves for her own special reasons. It’s a distilled sample of all that makes my mother who she is.

In my mind, we were there for a couple of reasons. One was because, since starting Ohio End of Life Options, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we have been talking to a lot of people about filling out their advance directives and appointing a healthcare power of attorney. We had realized that we needed to make sure we were walking the talk and have all of our own paperwork in order.

The other reason was to honor my mother, Janet Rowe. Continue reading