The Tri-State Freethinkers hosted an event called Dying With Dignity & Final Exit: Two very different approaches to the same issue in Newport, KY on September 7. Lisa Vigil Schattinger of Ohio End of Life Options and Robert Rivas of Final Exit were invited to speak. The room was filled with people concerned about end-of-life issues. There was a great conversation as the Freethinkers asked questions about Medical Aid-In-Dying laws and the work of Final Exit. Thank you to Tri-State Freethinkers for addressing these important issues. This was especially timely since Senator Charleta Tavares was quoted on September 4 in a Columbus Dispatch article as planning on introducing medical Aid-In-Dying legislation in Ohio in 2017. Ohio End of Life Options advocates for laws based on Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act. Education is key in understanding the effective safeguards built into these laws in OR, WA, VT & CA.tri-state-audience tri-state

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