From left: Doug Schattinger, Lisa Vigil Schattinger, Annie & Rick Hubbard

Ohio End of Life Options has received its first grant.

The Hubbard Family Foundation has generously given $1,000 as seed money to support our group’s efforts in educational outreach about death with dignity-style laws.

Rick and Annie Hubbard said, “We believe that mentally fully functioning adults should have at their disposal the complete range of options to complete their lives with the same sense of pride and dignity that they lived it. The development of hospice care, advance care directives and health care proxies have improved all of our abilities to continue to live and die in ways that are most comfortable to ourselves.

“Development of Death with Dignity laws will further enhance our abilities to complete each of our lives in our way. We are very proud and pleased to be able to support Ohio End of Life Options.”

Please join the Hubbards in supporting Ohio End of Life Options’ efforts by donating today!

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