Jack and Jan Rowe walking toward the headwaters of the Metolius river in Black Butte, Oregon, July 2006.

I did not know it at the time, but I started a new journey a few years ago when my stepfather Jack was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The first steps on this path were alongside my mother and Jack from the time of his diagnosis until the day that our family surrounded him with love when he died peacefully at home.

Without Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, he would not have had the control over his death that he desired. Without this experience, I might not have been compelled to start raising awareness about medical aid-in-dying in my now home state of Ohio.

As with any trip, it is helpful to have a guide. Please see the short videos and article below for the perspective of three states: New Jersey, Vermont, and Colorado, who have taken the journey before us.

We are in the education and awareness phase of the trip toward an aid-in-dying law in Ohio. The greatest thing you can do today is to share this message and our mission with a friend (or three). 

Share your support for this issue by sharing this on Facebook or Twitter. It is the only way to build the momentum that we will need to reach our destination: a Death with Dignity law for the terminally ill in Ohio.


Lisa Vigil Schattinger
Founder and Executive Director
Ohio End of Life Options

In April, New Jersey’s Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Act was signed into law by Governor Murphy. The legislation was first introduced almost seven years ago by Assemblyman Burzichelli. In a compelling two minute video he testifies about the importance of the legislation and explains exactly what it does and does not do. The law goes into effect on August 1.


Vermont’s Patient Choice at End of Life Law was passed via the legislature in 2013. Dick Walters, whose family had lived in Ohio before moving to Vermont, formed Patient Choices Vermont and started advocating for a law in 2002. In this video, Dick’s daughter, Betsy Walkerman, shares the story of how the law was passed and what has happened in the 5 years since it went into effect.


Colorado’s End of Life Options Act was passed by ballot initiative in 2016 with a 65% voter approval. A recent article explores Diane Lee’s story of navigating the safeguards of the law before taking the medication prescribed by her doctor in April. The article reviews the opposition leading up to passing the law. Is also outlines how Colorado’s health systems have decided whether to participate and allow their providers to write prescriptions or not. Read More

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