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Consider U.S. Models for Medical Aid in Dying, Not Canada’s

Regarding Charles Lane’s Nov. 19 commentary on medical aid in dying proposals in Canada, a country and health care system very different than our own (”The slope gets slipperier as Canada expands euthanasia”), it is more useful to focus on laws that are actually working in nine U.S. states and the District of Columbia. 

These laws allow mentally capable people with a terminal diagnosis to request a prescription that will hasten their death. In these states, individuals draw comfort from having medication that enables them to die peacefully if and when they feel their suffering is unbearable, whether they use it or not. Almost seven out of ten Ohioans surveyed in 2018 supported medical aid in dying.

Those who oppose this are under no obligation to ask for it, and health care providers may opt-out. But speculation, scare tactics, and differences of opinion should not prevent access to freedom to decide for ourselves. 

Lisa Vigil Schattinger,
Shaker Heights 

Lisa Vigil Schattinger is the executive director of Ohio End of Life Options.

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