LISTEN: ‘Where to Start with End-of-Life Decisions on NPR’s the 1A Show, April 19,2018.

In the wake of former First Lady Barbara Bush’s death, host Joshua Johnson and guests had a discussion centered around end of life choices, palliative care, and medical aid in dying. You can find the guest list, with a brief note of their relevant experience below. The episode featured written and recorded questions and testimonials from listeners, as well as the personal experiences of the guests, each of whom have significant experience, personal and professional, with end of life care. In a particularly moving section, Diane Rehm described her husband’s death by voluntarily stopping eating and drinking (VSED). Dying from Parkinson’s disease, he was forced to use VSED to end his suffering because Maryland does not have a Death with Dignity law. In all the episode provides a thorough exploration of the personal, legal, and moral issues surrounding end of life care and decision-making.




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