Starting Conversations about Death and End-of-Life Wishes

Exploring and communicating end-of-life wishes are the best way to ensure yours are respected. Here are tools to get started:

The Conversation Project – This organization is dedicated to encouraging and supporting conversations about personal wishes for end-of-life care. Their free Conversation Starter Kit is available for download in many languages and in a large print version.

Stanford Letter Project – People are encouraged to write three different letters: What Matters Most, to Who Matters Most, and I Matter Too (aka “My Bucket List”). Visit this site for templates of these letters in many languages as well as heartwarming videos of real people reading their letters.

Hello Conversation Game – Hello is a conversation card game available for purchase at their website. It is an easy and non-threatening way to start conversations with your family and friends about what matters most to you.

The Go Wish Card Game – This deck of cards and simple instructions are designed to encourage tough conversations and introduce thought-provoking end-of-life questions in an interactive way. The Go Wish Cards are available to order in multiple languages at the website or click here for an online version.