Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill
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MARCANO: Death with Dignity raises difficult, complex issues

by Ray Marcano
Feb 25, 2024

Read Mr. Marcano’s column featuring E.D. Lisa Vigil Schattinger.

The City Club of Cleveland
June 2, 2023

Watch as author and anthropologist Anita Hannig and our director, Lisa Vigil Schattinger, discuss Anita’s remarkable book, The Day I Die: The Untold Story of Assisted Dying in America. They explore their experiences with people who used Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act.

A MUCH-NEEDED LAW: Ohio does not have an aid in dying law. This organization believes that when Ohioans are at the end of their days because of a terminal illness, they should be able to request a prescription from their doctors that they can use to determine when, where and who is with them when they die peacefully, if their suffering becomes too great.

  • PATIENT DIRECTED: Only the patient may make the request and then go through several steps to qualify for the prescription.
  • Two doctors determine that they are dying within six months, mentally capable of making the decision and able to take the medication themselves.
  • This option brings comfort to those who are dying and is compatible with Hospice care.
  • These laws exist in nine states and Washington, D.C.-but not in Ohio.

Our Mission

To raise awareness and provide fact-based education about Medical Aid In Dying laws for the terminally ill in Ohio in order to achieve enactment of such a law.

Our Vision

All Ohioans will have the knowledge and power to direct their own end-of-life care when terminally ill. The values, beliefs, and desires that each person uses to make these decisions will be protected by law and rooted in compassion.

What is Medical Aid in Dying?

Medical Aid in Dying laws provide the option for terminally ill and mentally competent adults to request and obtain a prescription that they may take to end their life peacefully at the time and place they choose.

NOTE: This is not an option for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Please see the information about Advance Directive Dementia Provisions if you have this concern.

Click over to our Annual Report to find out how we have adapted in the last couple of years and how we have continued to work to accomplish our mission.

Meet Jack Rowe

Jack, pictured with his wife, Jan Rowe, was the stepfather of Lisa Vigil Schattinger, the founder of Ohio End of Life Options. He died peacefully in 2014 using Oregon’s Death with Dignity law. The experience was so profound for Lisa, her mother, and their family, that Lisa was compelled to create this organization with the mission to pass a similar law in Ohio.

Jim O'Neill Advocates in memory of his wife addie

Addie And Jim O'Neil in bright pinks, purples, and blues on a beautiful day outside.

Jim, pictured with his late wife, Addie, wants to pass a law in Ohio in her honor. Her final weeks were unbearable, “If the choice were available, she would’ve taken it gladly.” Read Jim’s letter about Addie’s death and his plea to Ohioans to support this law.

You can help right now. Contact your legislators to declare your support of medical aid in dying legislation.The letter is pre-written; you can add to it or leave it as is. Just enter your address to direct your email to your specific legislators.


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