Terminally ill, mentally competent adults deserve the right to have access to ALL end-of-life options, but Ohio DOES NOT have a medical aid-in-dying law. To end this injustice, we are building the largest ever public record of support for a medical aid-in-dying law in Ohio.

We strongly support hospice and palliative care and encourage enrollment. However, for some people, that is not enough. Integrating a medical aid-in-dying option at the end of life demonstrates compassion and honors patient-centered end-of-life care and personal autonomy.

Your signature will be your voice in Columbus as Ohio End of Life Options works to raise awareness, educate legislators and advocate on behalf of the terminally ill to have access to medical aid-in-dying as an end-of-life option in Ohio.

Our Mission

To pass a Medical Aid In Dying law for the terminally ill in Ohio

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What is Medical Aid in Dying?

Medical Aid in Dying laws provide the option for terminally ill and mentally competent adults to request and obtain a prescription that they may take to end their life peacefully at the time and place they choose.

NOTE: This is not an option for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Our Vision

All Ohioans will have the knowledge
and power to direct their own
end-of-life care.

The values, beliefs, and desires that each person uses to make these decisions will be protected by law and rooted in equity.

The Person that Inspired Our Mission

Jack Rowe was the stepfather of Lisa Vigil Schattinger, the founder of Ohio End of Life Options. He died peacefully in 2014 using Oregon’s Death with Dignity law. The experience was so profound for Lisa, her mother, Jan Rowe, and their family that Lisa was compelled to create this organization to work to pass a similar law in Ohio.

Watch the video to see more of the story behind our story.

Addie And Jim O'Neil in bright pinks, purples, and blues on a beautiful day outside.

Stand with Jim in Honoring His Wife, Addie

Jim O’Neil, pictured with his late wife, Addie, wants to pass a law in Ohio in her honor. Her final weeks were unbearable, “If the choice were available, she would’ve taken it gladly.”

Read Jim’s letter about Addie’s death and his plea to Ohioans to support this law.

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